Making Connecticut my home might seem like an odd choice for an artist such as myself to flourish and be inspired. However, Connecticut is home to many successful start-ups  and new business’ are appearing everyday. There is a wealth of opportunity here for design and web development.
The Northeast is also home to many beautiful dog parks, animal hospitals, and veterinarian clinics. My pet portraits and artwork has found a place here. Connecticut also has many realtors in need of unique one-of-a-kind closing gifts, making my artwork sought after in the real estate community.
My design work is simple and clean. I believe that less is more. I have created websites, logos, and graphics for restaurants, realtors, boutiques, and more.
My artwork is made from recycled materials. I have a very original and untraditional style. Borrowing influence from found art, outsider art, pop art, and street art. My favorite artists are Andy Warhol, and Banksy.
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